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Repeating Patterns | Back To Basics Exhibition


Repeating Patterns : Back to Basics | Interactive Exhibition Pairing Food & Art

Title of Work : Beswyming

This work was inspired by the “beswyming” or “trance-like” state we enter when our senses are stimulated by the smells, tastes or visuals we find most appealing. Beswyming captures the essence of vanilla and drops of dark, salty chocolate. When you bite into dark chocolate, you get a split second where your tongue just touches the surface of the substance. You get a faint sweet taste, followed by a crackling, bitter, rich aroma that fills your mouth and then slowly dissolves, with a lingering bitter-sweet after-taste. I aimed to capture the phases of experiencing these smells and tastes with the exuberant movement of the female figures. Furthermore, it is my opinion that women are a lot like chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. We can be sweet, but we are at our best when we’re dark and mysterious!







Limited edition “Beswyming” fine-art prints on Hahnemuhle paper are available to order here

(Limited edition of 10 prints).

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    My name is Kobie Nieuwoudt, I’m an artist & animator living in Cape Town.

    Humour is an essential part of life and I try to incorporate it into my work. For me illustrating is a positive, creative outlet and I hope it will also lighten the mood of those who come into contact with my work.

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