wwpbic catalogue 2016

“Pippa en die Woud”  in my native language of Afrikaans
translates as “Pippa and the Forest” .
“Pippa en die Woud”  is a children’s book about a little girl with a wonderful imagination and the marvellous adventures she has in a forest that she discovers with help the from an unexpected source. This book is a reflection of the beautiful plants and wildlife that South Africa possesses and that I have been so privileged to have been surrounded with growing up.
A few of my illustrations was chosen to represent South Africa as part of the Worldwide Picture Book Exhibition. together with fellow South African artists Dale Blankenaar, Chris Venter, Theodore Key and Linki Lutz. Our works will form part of a travelling exhibition, which will be shown, amongst other places, at The Hive in Worcester, the Shanghai Public Library, Bilderbuch museum in Troisdorf, and the Centrale Bibliotheek in Rotterdam. The final selection of work was also presented at the Bologna children’s book fair of 2016. 



Received my very own wwpbic-catalogue and it is beautiful. I’m so honoured to be apart of this event. Veel dank aan Lemniscaat Nederland. Cover art by Piet Grobler.

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