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Category: Illustration

2017 SA Taxi Foundation Art Award | Top 30

  The SA Taxi Foundation Art Award was constructed on three tiers: The first is to provide a solid and credible platform through which emerging artists can contribute to their career [...]
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The Performative nature of Tsotsitaal

“Long after the year 2000AD professors and pimps will still enjoy and be fascinated by slanguages and ganguages” (Mfenyana, 1981: 302) In South African township areas, young men have an [...]
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wwpbic catalogue 2016

“Pippa en die Woud”  in my native language of Afrikaans translates as “Pippa and the Forest” . “Pippa en die Woud”  is a children’s book about a little girl with a wonderful [...]
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About Me

My name is Kobie Nieuwoudt, I’m an artist & animator living in Cape Town.

Humour is an essential part of life and I try to incorporate it into my work. For me illustrating is a positive, creative outlet and I hope it will also lighten the mood of those who come into contact with my work.

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For enquiries regarding illustration projects and commercial work please contact me directly at kobie.nieuwoudt@gmail.com


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